Description of Officer Duties

(found in the back of the Membership Directory)


The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint the necessary committees, and be responsible for any reports. The chapter or region President is responsible for presenting an oral progress report to the membership at the Report Meeting of each International Convention. A copy of the chapter or region report shall be sent to THE FORETRAVEL MOTORCADE CLUB Manager prior to each International Convention to be kept on file by the club, and shall be read in the absence of an officer or authorized delegate.


The Vice President shall preside in case of the absence of the President.


The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings, send notices of rallies and other chapter or region news, answer all correspondence, and preside at meetings if the President and Vice President are absent.


The Treasurer shall pay out sums authorized by the chapter or region President, or chapter or region Board of Directors, keep a record of all money received and disbursed, give a treasurer's report at each chapter or region meeting, send a list of members whose dues (international or chapter or region) were paid directly to the chapter or region to THE FORETRAVEL MOTORCADE CLUB Manager by March 1 and keep this list updated throughout the year, and preside at meetings if the President, Vice President and Secretary are absent.

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