As written in the Bylaws, the object of this not-for-profit private club shall be to foster the spirit of goodwill among its members, to afford opportunities for enjoyment, companionship and recreation at the chapter or region rallies, to organize Foretravel motorhome owners of the area into a strong and cohesive group and to support the objectives of the International Bylaws of the Foretravel Motorcade Club.


We are the Four Corners Chapter of the Foretravel Motorcade Club covering the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. You don't have to reside in one of these states to join our chapter but you must be a current member of the Foretravel Motorcade Club to participate. For more information or to join any chapter, contact 800-955-6226, ext 220 or email motorcadeclub@foretravel.com.


The chapter holds a minimum of two rallies per year. Any current member may attend a rally in any chapter, not just your own chapter. If you have a suggestion for a location to hold a future rally, please contact a chapter officer. Members are not required to attend rallies but we do encourage you to try at least one! You may even find you like it and want to "host" a future rally in your area. It's a great way to meet other Motorcade Club members from around the country.


Motorcade Club benefits include the following:

- Motorcades
- Grandventions
- Special Events
-Motorcader Magazine
- Membership Directory
- 10% Discount on parts and labor at participating dealerships. This discount does not apply to fuel, used or sale items, tires, batteries, tax or any service work involving insurance claims, or procedures when a quote is given such as fiberglass or paint.
- Local Chapter Activities — the Club consists of 11 chapters.
- Complimentary Overnight Parking at the Factory
- Club Accessories — Jackets, Badges, etc.
- FMCA Initial Membership



Grandvention takes place once each year in the fall at a different location. It runs 3-4 days long with planned activities, club business, chapter dinners, awards, and the International President is announced for the following year. There are motorcades and events such as the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, available before and/or after Grandvention that you can take advantage of while you're in the area. What a great way to meet up with old friends and make new friends!


Motorcades are planned throughout the year and run 20-50 days long. It's the perfect opportunity to see parts of our country that you have not seen, and for enjoyment of your Foretravel coaches, companionship, travel, and recreation with your fellow travelers. They are planned well in advance by experienced wagonmasters. Everyone pitches in to make sure things run smoothly. A deposit will put your name on the list. You don't want to miss out on this! See current and future motorcade info HERE.

Chapter Rallies

Chapter Rallies take place twice a year in each of our 10 chapters. Members can attend rallies in any chapter. Locations are chosen and rallies are planned and hosted by chapter members. The length is determined by the host and usually run 3-7 days. One of the two annual rallies can be designated as a friends rally. Fun activities and tours are planned as well as a chapter business meeting. Rallies can be held in one place or "rolling" with one or two nights in a location before moving on to the next location. Get to know your chapter!